AD Review – Tribulation

I want to share a story with you all. Trust me, this does tie into the review, and it is one hundred percent true.

A few years ago, I was traveling across the US with my then girlfriend. We drove from my current hometown in Maine to Washington State in my old Ford hatchback, my first car. We would drive all through the day, stopping at monuments along the way and for bathroom and snacks. We would sleep in my car at rest stops and once, even in Yellowstone park.

We were Minnesota if memory serves me correctly. We hadn’t seen a rest stop for hours, and it was getting late. Usually we drive until it gets dark, then pull off at the closest rest stop, but we were in almost pitch black, driving through a densely wooded area. We had ran through our music playlist for about the sixth time, so I decided to switch to the radio to see if we could find some decent rock music while we hunted for the highway.

As I was hitting the tuning button to cycle through local stations, I found one that…it’s hard to describe. Oh, but I’ll try.

Imagine static. Slip in some incredibly slowed down orchestra music, a child reading scripture, and the sound of some woman cursing vehemently in the background. That comes close. I immediately grabbed my new video camera I had bought two weeks before, and began recording. Sadly, this video no longer exists, as the SD card that contained it has been lost in the move back across the country.

I tell you this because that is basically the premise of Tribulation, an AD with everything you could ever want if you’re like me and enjoy a good dose of horror, radio cults, and conspiracy theories.

As of this review, the show has only four episodes left. Do yourself a favor and binge now before it ends! Why should I, you ask? Well that’s what I’m here to tell you.

Tribulation is the story of a young couple, Greg and Stacy Carlson. They’re on their way back home to Atlanta, and decide to take it easy and see the country a little by driving country roads back. When their phone dies while listening to their favorite podcast, Greg decides to turn on the radio in lieu of car games. What they find is a station broadcasting your typical old time country preacher, speaking to his flock in the backroads of god-knows-where’s-ville.

Very soon, the young couple hear some of the crazy words coming out of the preacher’s mouth, who goes by the name of Elijah. After hearing what sounds like ritualistic murder taking place, Greg stops the car to grab the phone charger from the trunk so they can kick their podcast back on. Stacy then hears her name come across the radio station, and throws a well-earned shit fit. The couple take off down the road, not clue one about what is just around the corner.

As the signal gets stronger, Greg pulls over next to a large radio tower, thinking he can bust inside and find the stations call sign for the authorities. Leaving Stacy in the car, he goes to investigate.

…well, I’m not going to give it ALL away! Go listen!!

Now, for my opinion on this show. I cannot stop singing praise from the firmament to the ninth circle! The VAs are blow-my-mind amazing, the sound production and effects really are unique and very well put together, the plot is original without being pretentious, and love this show SO. MUCH.

You could just say it’s a story I feel like I relate to slightly, but many of my other AD brethren have seen the light, and oh it is a glorious thing. As the story went on, it did surprise me by taking a direction I was not expecting. Now, that’s not to say that was bad at all! I find myself sometimes begging for that plot wrench, as I call it, to be thrown into the gears and really shake things up. This show certainly did that! My only issue with this show is that it’s ENDING SOON! I feel that the show could go on for quite some time and the rabbit hole go so much further! Well, as the Kurgan once said,” It’s better to burn out…than to fade away!”

Check out Tribulation on your pod-catcher of choice!

Oh, and remember your daily attestations, brothers and sisters. Praise be…Praise. Be.