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First Impressions: Father Dagon

Any horror aficionado worth their salt will know just what an influence H.P. Lovecraft has been on the entire genre. His work stretches through time, much like the abominations and otherworldly being that populate said work, and has influenced many of the great horror creators. Say what you will about his personal beliefs and the time period he grew up in being a factor in such, but no one can deny that Lovecraft pioneered the journey into the unknown and gave us something to truly be afraid of.

Because of Lovecraft’s influence, there have been a myriad of novels, short stories, games, and other forms of media that have built on the foundations he laid down. This is collectively known as The Cthulhu Mythos. Today, I want to introduce you to one of the only Audio Dramas I’ve found that draw directly from Lovecraft and his work.

Get ready to Cthulhu your Ftaghn, this is Father Dagon.

Before I even start, I want to say that I may be a tad biased on this one. H.P. Lovecraft is my absolute favorite author, hands down. Throughout my teenage years, I devoured every single story he ever wrote, every letter he ever penned, and it has left its mark on me. So when I give my first impressions of this AD, know that this comes from a true H.P.L fanboy.

I’ve seen a few other Lovecraft inspired podcasts, but mainly these are people sitting around a table playing Call of Cthulhu or something similar. While I love the game, it isn’t enough for me. I can’t get into them. Father Dagon is unique. It is the only AD I’ve ever come across that is directly inspired by Lovecraft’s work, yet tells its own story through it. To be honest, this is odd. You would think that Lovecraft’s work is RIPE for the audio entertainment platform. Yet there is a dearth of it. The closest I’ve seen anything come to true, unique work to draw from him is The Magnus Archives. We all know how much I obsess over THAT one.

This AD is fantastic and has a great flow to the story it’s telling. As of this writing, there are three episodes out. Each introduces a new character, and gives us an insight into an even bigger story involving the town of Innsmouth and the Esoteric Order of Dagon. If neither of these two names sends shivers up your spine, then you need to get your Lovecraft on HARD. Needless to say, fish people and ancient gods. The episodes are on the shorter side, but I feel that they give enough background and plot to make up for it. At the end of each episode, you get to hear the music behind the episode, crafted by a master of the musical induced madness, Seesar. Seriously, the music and ambiance in these episodes tweak each of my buttons in the absolute best way.

With not a flubbed line or obvious edit in sight, Father Dagon brings quality acting and production to great heights. Take a moment from your life and give it to this AMAZING and truly entertaining AD. The great priest Cthulhu commands you. Please check them out at their website: 

Also on iTunes!

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