First Impressions: Blood Culture

It was requested of me to review this Audio Drama. I am always looking for new AD to listen to. The idea behind this site is to give up and coming Audio Drama the audience it needs and deserves, as well as showcase some of the bigger AD out there to showcase what great stories can come from this form of art expression. Each new review I put up here gives me a renewed sense of purpose and an even deeper love of Podcasts and Audio Drama. This AD has proven to be exceptionally amazing for several reasons, and I hope that you will follow it as eagerly as I do by the end of this.

Here are my First Impressions of Blood Culture.

Based out of the wonderful UK, home of my favorite time traveling alien, Blood Culture is very unique in multiple facets. The story begins with A’isha, a med tech at the company that seems to rule the entire everything, Meta. Meta is your standard “giant evil corporation” that seems to have a LOT of fingers in SO MANY pies. One of the big innovations that Meta has are health monitors that send up to date medical data straight to Meta’s servers. The saying that goes, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” Goes to the extreme in this AD. According to Meta, if you’re not healthy, you’re a deviant in society and must be eliminated. At least, that’s what I’m picking up from the first couple of episodes. A’isha picks up on this, and begins to dig into the deaths of several Meta employees. Having Sickle Cell Anemia like her mother, she would be listed as one of these deviants if she didn’t hide it from everyone, save a few friends and family. All this changes when her file is pulled by Meta. From there, things start to get wicked in the best way.

Since this is First Impressions, I can’t give much else in terms of plot, as this AD is still in its infancy (the next episode premiers today, at the time of this posting). I can, however, give you my initial thoughts on it.

The production value is way up there. I love the voice actors, the music, sound effects, and the whole lot. I find this AD to be very unique. I haven’t heard of an AD having an “after show” like segment, much in the vein of The Talking Dead. Blood Culture has a small segment at the end of Part 2 where the creative minds talk about the episode with each other and their medical consultant. Yeah, you read that right. Medical consultant. The show is very medically accurate, which is a unique spin on things, one I happen to enjoy very much.

Not only do they have a medical consultant as well as a very nice after show, they ALSO have a very interesting and interactive website: I challenge you to apply! You won’t be disappointed…(totallynotbeingthreatenedtosaythisbyMetaatalljustsaying)

This AD has the potential to become one of the best out there! Only two episodes in and I’m completely hooked on the plot, the characters, and the thriller aspect of it. I cannot begin to praise it enough, and I find myself both welcoming and dreading our future Meta Overlords. Subscribe now, while there’s still time!!