First Impressions: Lake Clarity - Camp Crystal Lake, eat your heart out

Hello once again! I want to give a HUGE apology to everyone for my extended absence from reviews. There was a lot of stuff I’d rather not get into on here happening, but I think I’ve got it all worked out!

Think back to the last summer before your senior year of high school. You and your friends would talk about what would happen when the year ended, get all sappy, and promise to make that last summer together one of the most memorable ever. You finally tell your crush just how much you like her. A few of your friends get busted by the cops for vandalism, AKA “forking” someone’s lawn. You all take a trip to the old campground beside a lake that just happens to have a secret bunker where an ancient evil lies in wait. You know, Americana at its finest!

Welcome to scenic Lake Clarity.

This AD is an absolute treat, and it’s only five episodes in! I’ll just cannonball right into the premise so you can get to the show faster! We join five teenagers (Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon) in the midst of their final summer together. They’re heading out to Lake Clarity, an abandoned summer campgrounds in the mountains of Colorado. A recorder is brought along, as this campground has a reputation for strange phenomenon. If only they knew just how real the stories were.

Immediately, I fell in love with these characters. The acting is stellar, really feeling like I’m listening to a group of kids. As the episodes go on, the acting only improves. Oh, and I’m DEFINITELY going to start calling people memes. I laughed for a few minutes straight when I heard that.

While the first episode or two give off a sense of close friendship, the atmosphere slips into dark and foreboding both quickly and seamlessly. Hidden bunkers, strange rooms, scary monsters, you have NO shortage of excitement.

To top this all off, they have slipped in a few ARG elements with ciphers left for you to crack. Having done them myself, I will tell you that they are not easy, but they are SO much fun.

So far, this AD has taken the trope of teenage slaughter vacations and turned it into a fun, interactive, and scary ride that I feel everyone needs to experience. Easily one of my favorite ADs I can experience in real time! Show them some love, and subscribe to Lake Clarity.