Radio People: Dark Side of the Moon Indeed

Let me just get this out of the way, if you’ll indulge me:





Every single thing about it is top notch, in my opinion. Sound production, sound effects, voice actors, characters, plot lines, plot progression, music, art, EVERYTHING.

It is a true injustice that this show isn’t as well known as it should be. All Audio Drama listeners should have this show in their feed. I get a bit giddy whenever I see the logo show up in my New Episodes list, and I cannot wait to hear what other people think of this show.

Without further ado, I bring to you:

Radio People.

I’ll start off with a very brief synopsis. Radio People is a collection of audio files found in Akin Basin (please tell me I’m spelling that right…) that give a glimpse into life inside the domed moon city of Clovermeade. The show is a comedy, so be prepared for uncontrollable giggle fits, this is your one warning. These audio files are presented to us by the Rogue Librarian Brian Rucker, of the National Library Service. What follows is quite honestly the single funniest stretch of audio I have ever had grace my ears.

Interspersed throughout the episodes are musical numbers by different artists. In my head, these songs are popular in Clovermeade, which is why they are included in the audio files. After each song, the artists are credited, which is very helpful, as I’ve bought several of the songs! It makes for a great soundtrack, that’s for sure!

I’ve already stated that this show is phenomenal, but let me give you more of my thoughts. Radio People doesn’t give you much of an intro to the format, characters, or setting before starting. It throws you into the mix, and lets the show introduce things at its pace. This is unique, as most other shows will give you a basic introduction of who everyone is, what everyone’s doing, and where it all takes place. You get the location, that’s it. I really enjoy this aspect, as I feel like I’m discovering something new and gaining knowledge of Clovermeade myself, instead of having things explained to me. I hope that made sense….

The actors are beyond amazing, and they fit so well into the theme the show. I don’t feel like I’m listening to actors reading off a script. I can believe these people are all residents of Clovermeade living out their daily lives wary of dome-cracks and notcoons, giving the ever helpful Help Desk a ring to discuss what to put on their grocery list, or getting up to date with AAAAAAAAAACTION NEWS!

Radio People is funny, charming, wacky, revolutionary, and the best kind of fun you can ever have! I beg you to subscribe and give them a try! You won’t be sorry!