The Way of Serenity: Bootlegger

Hello and welcome to another installment of The Way of Serenity! If this is your first time with this ongoing segment, let me break it down for you. The Way of Serenity brings the spotlight on ADs that have, for one reason or another, been discontinued. This does not mean that any of these shows are less than incredible, but I feel that bringing these shows back into the spotlight can both introduce people to ADs they’ve never heard of, as well as show my appreciation for shows long gone.

Today, I want to introduce you to one that I’ve heard some talk about, but not much. I was hooked from the word go, and it pained me to learn that the show was no longer updating. I did hear from the creator, however, and I do know that they are working on other things. That alone makes me hopeful, as we may yet get to experience the great storytelling we witnessed with their previous show.

Joine me in welcoming our A.I. Overlord with Bootlegger.

Set in the not-so-distant future, a rogue A.I. has taken over the central systems of the U.S. and forced the populace (the ones that are still alive after the initial assault, that is) into what can only be described as “work camps” to assist the A.I. with regular maintenance, upkeep, and assistance with turning the U.S.A into a war machine capable of decimating all who oppose it. Now, I COULD make some joke about the similarities to our current administration, but I will not, to avoid offending anyone...oops!

While all this is happening our narrator, codename “Bootlegger” is giving us regular updates on the war with the A.I. being staged by the other countries of the world as they try to bring down this mechanical tyrant. Along the way, we run into resistance fighters, secret transmissions, and we get to dive deeper into Bootleggers day to day. Along with every episode, we are given regular news updates from a battleship moored off the coast, detailing the big events in the war against the A.I.

I plowed through this AD in one day. There are 52 episodes, one for each week, and I just devoured them. I was captured by every aspect of this AD, and I find it a true crime (HA!) that this show ended. It kept me enraptured with just how well developed it was. I can only compare my feelings to that of Firefly fans. What we got was absolutely perfect and well worthy to continue, despite no continuation to be had. You will not be disappointed in the story, I can guarantee that! GO, listen now, I'll even shut up so you can do it!

I urge you to give this AD a try, and keep on the lookout for more from the creator!