Roswell B.C.: Crime Noir...IN SPAAAAACE

Galaxy spanning story.

Tough as nails cop.

Luxurious Femme Fatale.

Quirky, plucky receptionist.

Power hungry humanoid race.

Time Travel.


These are your ingredients for an AD that is crawling up the ladder of my top 10 subscriptions quite quickly. It appeals to so many listeners, as it has a little bit of everything for everyone. On the other hand, it brings a unique take on a timeless classic of old time radio. On the OTHER other hand, it keeps up with the tropes that we know and love, the ones that set these dramas up to be remembered long after the show is done. So, without any further ponce from me, we’ll get to what you’ve really come here for.

Put that noir filter on, grab your trench coats, and blast off in my ship with me.

Welcome to Roswell B.C.: Before the Crash.

When I first heard of this AD on Twitter, I will be honest. I let it sit in my feed for a while. I was in the midst of binge-ing several different shows, and starting a new one was not my priority.

First mistake.

After said binge-ing was done, it sat for a little while longer, not because I was avoiding it. I just got caught up with other dramas and building up my website and things.

Second mistake.

Finally, I got the first several episodes downloaded, and I leaped into it. Best decision of that week, by far. Roswell B.C., as I said before, blends several different genres together and comes out smelling like roses. Sci-fi, crime noir, time travel, western, space opera, you will be hard pressed not to find something that you enjoy.

The AD follows Detective Rion (pronounced like Rye-On) as he takes a case of a missing brother. Short, sweet, and to the point. Now, this is not all that it seems, but you’ll understand if I don’t elaborate much more. Bringing this case to our detective is the the alluring Femme Fatale Neila (pronounced dear lord, that voice is addicting), who you can’t help but immediately peg as hiding about 90% of the true story from Rion.

I had a lot of fun listening to this AD. It was great to follow these characters all throughout the drama, watching as Shyamalan after Shyamalan (twist after twist, for those who don’t watch a lot of movies) throw the characters this way and that. The way these characters play off of each other and their environments (you’ll see this when you get to the “feminine side” stuff Trust me). The drive you have to learn more about the Metsys (pronounced Met-SEES) and what exactly lies at the end of this mystery. All these questions keep you bolted down like furniture on a spaceship.

The voice actors for this AD have something unique they share. Most of them, with few exceptions, are from Roswell, New Mexico. See, I love those little tidbits about shows that really bring the personality to it. It gives a depth that a lot of mainstream media and entertainment just lacks anymore. To speak about how the show sounds, it sounds great! Some of the sounds in the early episodes are noticeably edited in, but that disappears pretty quickly. The voice actors are well suited to their roles (like I said, Neila…..need I go on?) and the love for their creation shines through in the voice work.

Roswell B.C. takes a time honored script, grabs a red pen, and scribbles it into the modern times, and I couldn’t be happier I found this AD. Don’t be like me and let this AD pass you by for long. Subscribe and enjoy!