WGA Productions - Captain Marvelous

I’m back! After digging a tunnel from my front door through the massive amounts of snow dumped upon us in the wonderfully frigid state of Maine, I am back with a new review! If you are at all a fan of Thrilling Adventure Hour and/or Decoder Ring Theatre, then you’re in for some fun and laughs with WGA Productions. I have a burning love for all things DC, so the second I heard of a superhero AD, I couldn’t download the episodes fast enough! There really isn’t that many ADs out there that focus on actual superheroes, a la Superman, Batman, or really any other.

For now, I bring you the man to eliminate the world from strife: Captain Marvelous.

This show, WGA Productions overall, is voiced, directed, and produced by one man; Jordan J. Scavone. I’ve said this before, but creating a show by yourself, that’s a HUGE undertaking. As such, getting the necessary funds, setting up the equipment, finding a suitable recording area, editing, mixing, it all can get to be a bit much. This can cause some quality issues. While this show has flaws (as most shows do), the content and story more than make up for them (also, as most shows do). This is no less true than with Captain Marvelous.

Captain Marvelous is a superhero loved by all who live in New City. Well, save for the villains the good Captain has thwarted. All seems to be going peachy in the city, when The League of Dark Voices kidnaps one of the newspapers ace reporters! Will Captain Marvelous save the day? Will he get the girl? Will everyone just shut up and let me TALK?

This show brings you right back into the Golden Age of Superheroes. The camp, the stereotypes, the tropes, everything is there. Being related to Burt Ward (no joke) I can appreciate and do truly love the campiness from that time. Add a devilishly handsome superhero and a dastardly villain bent on world domination, and you have the recipe for a fun and goofy show.

As I said, Mr. Scavone is doing this show lone wolf style, so he provides all the voices for the show. While it can be a tad strange to hear the same voice in six different accents and genders, it works for what is being made. This is a show that could be pulled straight from Action Comics number 1 and as such, I find that having one person do every voice lends a value to the show, gives it a charm that stands out to me.

I’ve spoken to Mr. Scavone himself, and there are big plans for Captain Marvelous. I won’t give them away here, but you just keep tuned in! Same pod-place, same pod-time!

Moving on, final thoughts. WGA Productions is in its early stages, and I find that this is the perfect time to subscribe. I imagine nothing but great content coming from WGA Productions. A little birdie has stated that there are fresh, new things on the horizon, so subscribe now, you won’t want to miss this!