The Way of Serenity: Augustine

Hello and welcome again to The Way of Serenity! These segments are going to be a bit loose on the format and formality. In this segment, I want to shed some light on Dramas you may not have heard of. Some that, much like Serenity, were cancelled before their time. My first spotlight was about Atlantik, a WWII Audio Drama with only one episode, but an almost unlimited potential for greatness. Due to conflicts in scheduling with actors and real-life things, it never took off, which was an absolute shame.

The AD I’m going to tell you about today may have ‘finished’, but I’m fairly certain that there was more to be heard at one point.

Let me take you all to the state I call home. A place where horror and mystery lay at the heart of everything, if you’re a fan of the great Stephen King. A place where H.P. Lovecraft gave us pause as we heard The Thing on the Doorstep.

Welcome to Maine. Welcome to Augustine.

I won’t lie, I feel that Augustine had the potential to become the next Limetown. If you’ve never heard of Limetown, then go look it up IMMEDIATELY. Our narrator kicks this thing off by introducing us to the town of Augustine, Maine. The Town Without Children. Back in 2009, a farmer rushed to Augustine after seeing a glowing light in the distance. As he approached, he saw a ravaging fire overtaking the town. There were very few survivors. This is the end of the town of Augustine. This is, also, the beginning of a winding path for our Narrator.

The show is only eight episodes long. Their pod-o-matic website shows that it is supposed to be an eight part series. Got it. BUT. The ending ties up nothing. You’re left with more questions than answers. Now, either this is absolute genius from the creator, or this is a situation where Augustine was ended for outside reasons or commitments. Either or, it left a hole in my heart, as i was truly loving this AD.

Limetown was amazing, no question. Augustine, in my opinion, was on the way to surpassing Limetown. Maybe this is just me, but an AD that takes place in Maine and directly references Lovecraft’s work has me falling over myself. In one episode, the Narrator speaks with someone via Skype. He states that he is studying at Miskatonic University. I’m in love.

There’s no Lovecraft AD out there. There’s Pod-plays of the Cthulhu tabletop game yes, and those are nice. The Magnus Archives seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Lovecraft, which is why it’s in my top three shows. However I have yet to find an AD that is set in the world of Elder Gods and Cosmic Horrors. Augustine had me on the bed and begging for it.

I just wanted to give you a taste of some great Dramas that never were. If the creators ever see these, know that you had at least one fan, and I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, everyone!