The Infinite Now: The Infinite WOW

I have vital information that will shove cause and effect into a blender and hit frappe. This information cannot be taken as anything but vital to the integrity of the space/time continuum, and should be treated as such. I have risked life, limb, and removal from this time stream to bring you this absolutely incredible piece of work. In the following transmission, I will slap knowledge into your meat computer, and you will thank me for it by the end.

This is The Infinite Now.

Where to start with this? It seems scientifically impossible for an AD with so little to create so much. Let me explain. The Infinite Now episodes vary, some episodes lasting only a minute while others go for a half an hour at the longest. I hesitate to even call it an Audio Drama. There is a backbone of a plot, but it is only brought up to explain why the stories are being told to you, the listener. The best way to tell it is with their own words:

“Entertaining fellow time agents stationed in the field. Working in secret to maintain the integrity of the space/time continuum. Broadcasting to you from Time Crystal OMEGA at the heat death of the universe…”

I mean….good lord, that hypes me up. Like I said, it’s a template. However, it opens up so much possibility for the host of the show, The Timescanner.

The Timescanner, existing in what I believe to be a large crystal ship floating at the end of entropy like The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, weaves tales from across the omniverse. Ranging from filing time tax, to a race of beings who inhabit a parrallel world due to the fact that they were born on a leap day, to a comet breeder who is the captain of space pirates, this podcast is absolutely ridiculous….and I simply cannot love it enough.

The show, created by Richard Penner, started off as experimental twitter fiction he did several years ago. This is very evident in The Infinite Now and is the driving force for the show. These stories, however short, instill something in you. A small voice that begins to speak to you. It consumes the words and regurgitates imagination. You begin to see what Timescanner is saying. While listening to this show for the review, I kept finding myself drifting into the worlds I was hearing about. The best example of this would be THE LEAP DAYLIANS episode. The writing pulls you in and lets you loose. I have a large imagination, so it is easy for my mind to explore the possibility of beings that look like humans, but are actually from a reality next to ours that only can be glimpsed on leap days, and only for a moment. Take my word for it, you have to listen in order to truly grasp the concept I’m trying to convey.

I truly love this show. I find myself comparing it to writing prompts, in some ways. A writer, in order to get their thoughts moving for a story, finds a random statement or prompt. They then begin to write about it until they feel they are ready for their work. The Infinite Now feels like writing prompts that are started, but left to interpretation at the end. I want to know more about Leap daylians, how to successfully breed comets, what other messages were left behind by the M0O0N. That, to me, is what truly makes a great podcast. Leave me wanting to know more, let me form my own thoughts. It’s a kind of listener interaction that I don’t see very much anymore. You are doing yourself, and the entirety of the omniverse, harm by not listening to The Infinite Now. If you love surreal, fun, and sci-fi, this is your show.