First Impressions - Point Mystic: Wonderland Incarnate

The Arts are an essential piece of the grand puzzle that is life. Absolute bliss and profound beauty can be found through expression and proliferation using paint, words, video, and audio. Throughout the years, art has evolved alongside our technology. This AD has shown that the spirit and essence of creativity is still alive, to be shared with all.

This is Point Mystic.

This AD stands apart from most others, yet shares many similarities. For one, it follows in the same vein as Passage, TANIS, and The Black Tapes. It is marketed as a 100% true podcast, and is presented in “terrestrial radio turned into podcast” style. I am a huge fan of this type of AD, so any and all additions are welcome.

What sets this one apart from others is that the story is not just created by a man or woman with the intention of putting a good story out there. This show is the brainchild of an 11-year old boy that, with the help of his parents, have created something truly enjoyable and creepy.

Point Mystic’s first story follows the host of the program, Chris Reynaga, as he “searches for the stories behind the magic, the mystery, and the unexplained,” and does he ever. A boy named Fox (*insert X-Files reference here*) went missing from his bedroom in the middle of the night. When he is found, he has built a strange structure in the middle of the local woods, with no memory of any of it. As Chris begins to dig into the history of the town, prompted by the boy’s talk of odd dreams and local folklore, he discovers that this is no isolated incident. Children from all over town have been building wooden structures in the forest for some time, and all of them have the same dreams: that of The White Rabbit, a strange creature that is most definitely more than it seems.

I won’t go into it too much, but this is a fun ride so far. The actors, who are a real life family mind you, make this story stand out and shine. With some ADs out there, paid and hired actors are used. Others are a group of friends, wanting to put out great content for others. They are amazing. I have not, however, heard of a family bringing a story to life like these fine people do. It’s refreshing, and I know that may not make much sense.

The audio quality and production is stellar. Once again, I’m a huge fan of the “audioscape” style, where the sound comes from all around you and is made for headphones to really immerse you in the story. The sounds are unique, and do truly project the effect of being outside in the woods, or sitting at the kitchen table.

All in all, Point Mystic is equal parts creepy, intriguing, surreal, and spooky. To think this started in the mind of a young child is nothing short of astounding. If you are not subscribed yet, I implore you to check them out.

To cap this review, I would like to leave something specifically for Fox himself, if his father would indulge me:


You are a brilliant and unique person. Your imagination is something that we don’t find very often today, and I am very thankful that I could experience a fraction of your creativity through Point Mystic. Your parents are beyond blessed to have you in their lives. Don’t let go of this amazing brain you have. Let your parents feed this limitless imagination in you, and I know for a fact that you will go on to inspire the world. Keep up the good work, and I speak for everyone of your fans when I say that we cannot wait for more!

-That Daft Punk