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The Meat Blockade: Down the Rabbit Hole

I love to get Audio Drama recommendations. It doesn’t matter what the subject, the pace, the length, or how long it’s been around, I absolutely love all things AD. I had heard of this AD for quite some time, but it never seemed to make it to my subscriptions, for whatever reason. Oh, how stupid I was, and I thank /u/whirrtere for showing me that The Meat Blockade is Drama you can’t afford to miss.

Let me just get this out of the way. I LOVE this show. It’s got the right amount of comedy, sound design, voice actors, production quality and cursing that keeps me rolling on the floor with my sides aching from laughter. And let’s face it, I can listen to Conrad Miszuk talk to me all day. I mean, drool right?

The Meat Blockade is the story of Karl Berenger, a self proclaimed writer and lover of everything sane and normal. He is not, however, a fan of being jostled awake at 3 A.M. by his best friend Max to go out on a date. Skip forward to where Karl goes with Max because let’s face it there wouldn’t be much of a show if he didn’t, and you are on your way down one trippy and monster filled rabbit hole.

The denizens of Nighttown have heard some foul rumors about Mr. Berenger, and so a reputation seems to precede him. By precede, of course, I mean he’s neck deep into trouble with the absolute worst creatures for things not even worms would do.

The best part about this Drama would have to be that it’s recorded as an immersive “soundscape” as I call it. If a character moves to the left in the show, you hear them from the left headphone, and vice versa ( I’m pretty sure there’s another name for it, but I’m sticking with Soundscape). This really gets you to pay attention to the story, and adds another level of immersion to an already engaging show.

The voice actors are some of the absolute best I’ve heard. No stilting awkwardness or “straight from the script” reading. They are each unique, engaging, and just enough over the top to be enjoyable and not grating. They bring this world to life, and….again, Conrad Miszuk.

Easily in my top five, The Meat Blockade is an AD that you simply MUST listen to. Top marks from me, and I think you’ll feel the same. Subscribe now, and let yourself fall into Wonderland.

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