Lesser Gods: An Odyssey of Emotions

Children of Men starring Clive Owen showed us that there is hope in even the most remote odds. When the entire human population is unable to conceive, the world falls into absolute chaos, with no end in sight other than total annihilation. When chance places the one woman who has become pregnant in the hands of the one man who is willing to do anything to protect what is humanity’s last chance, you can’t help but feel that hope can shine in the darkest places.

Lesser Gods shows us a different version, and it is glorious.

Lesser Gods tells the stories of the “Final Five, or the youngest 22 year olds left on the planet””. Since an over-dependence on antibiotics caused the population to lose the ability to reproduce, science scrambled towards a solution. They found one in the form of what can only be described as test tube humans. These humans became as close to holy as can be, as they were the answer to the biggest crisis our species could fathom.

Because of this, they have wanted for nothing and are treated as royalty. Enjoying lives drowned in wine, fame, and rampant sex, these demigods of the near future have not a care in the world.

Until one of their own is murdered.

What follows can only be described, ironically enough, as a modern Greek tragedy. Now I will admit, it was difficult to follow the story at the beginning. The story is told from one person’s perspective at a time, and they imitate the voices of the other characters, which threw me off.

However once I figured this out, the story shines through and you do get drawn in. The interaction between everyone from when we begin the story forward shifts and changes, and you really get a sense of character growth without feeling flooded with useless exposition. That’s the big hit with this Drama: Character Development. You feel as if you’re riding this story right alongside these characters.

The best part of this entire Drama, is that it’s still ongoing. As I write this, there are six episodes, with a mid-season recap. The recap is so helpful, as this story goes a million miles an hour right in your face.

I’ve intentionally been vague about this story, because you really have to experience it for yourself. There’s so much richness and depth to this story, I wouldn’t be surprised if it developed its own fandom. Sign me up!

Lesser Gods deserves your subscription. It has something for everyone: sci-fi, romance, suspense, mystery, thriller, deep and thought provoking plotlines, political intrigue, the works. It’s easily one of my top ten favorite podcasts, and it should be in yours too.

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