Atlantik: The Way of Serenity #1

I wanted to have a section where I talk about audio dramas that were never finished, for one reason or another. I find that a lot of them seem to fall to the wayside when content stops coming in, and I feel that a lot of them deserve some recognition. So, this is that recognition. I hope to at least let the creators know that their work is/was appreciated, and that there are those out there that love/loved their work, regardless of lack of content.

This time, I wanted to talk about a show that had me constantly checking my feed for an update from just one episode. Funny enough, the creator saw a post I made about this one on Reddit, and told me that they were surprised anyone had even heard of the show, let alone enjoyed it.

This one is for /u/prothirteen.

This one is for Atlantik.

The Atlantik is a podcast in the style of radio drama. It tells the story of a few young men voyaging through France, soon after the events of D-Day. Fans of WWII fiction and the Fallout Universe will find value in this drama.

Right there, I was hooked. I can’t really think of any Audio Dramas that dealt with soldiers in WWII as the main focus of the story. If there is one, please point it out and I will subscribe IMMEDIATELY. Add onto that a hint of apocalyptic disaster like Fallout, and my imagination soared. The potential of this podcast was through the roof, that much is clear.

Sadly, the main struggle of producing something like this is matching busy adult schedules for voice actors, and that was the downfall of such an incredible project. The creator stated that, after finishing the first episode, the reality set in of how difficult it was to get everyone sat down to record, among other life commitments.

I’ve named this segment The Way of Serenity. That’s a slight misnomer. Firefly was wrapped up with the movie Serenity. Though not the way the fans had intended, the story was complete. With this segment, most of these Dramas will not be finished. They will have fallen to the wayside for one reason or another, and that is sad. Being a writer myself, I know how it feels to have something that you create or something you want to put out there for the masses die down r never even make it out of your head for one reason or another.

I want to say that, while Atlantik had only one episode, it has stuck with me. The premise and the promise is what drew me in, and I can honestly say that I haven’t found another Drama draw me in quite like Atlantik did.

I hope that the creator goes on to do even bigger and better things, as they seem to want to do. I just felt that they deserved the recognition for starting something that at least one person found incredibly fascinating and fun right from the get-go. They need to know that the work they put out there was great, and that they will always have a life long fan, no matter what. Prothirteen, please let me know if you do decide to do a solo Drama, because you can be promised a listener.

Thank you for reading this.

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