Welcome to That Daft Punk You Know Podcast Reviews!

Greetings! I am That one Daft Punk you know.

You know who I'm talking about, right? The guy you remember from way back when and had a great time with, but now just sits around, away from crowds, with earbuds stuck in his ear? Yep, that's me! I am a big lover of Audio Dramas and Podcasts in general. They help me get through my mundane work day with some semblance of happiness (I mean, other than the abject happiness I get from working in the credit card processing industry. Isn't corporate life grand?).

Having listened to some of the staple dramas that you see brought up everywhere on Reddit, Facebook, Imzy, and Twitter, I wanted to give something back to them, as well as discover new and exciting stories to listen to! Since I'm effectively broke, I thought what better way than to give them an honest and heartfelt review!

I couldn't be more excited to do this, as I have a lot to say! However, I also want to give others a place to put their thoughts, praises, and criticisms (CONSTRUCTIVE ONLY) where the creators of these masterpieces could see.

I'll try to keep the posts regular, but I won't lie when I say that life does take different turns for me which may require more than an average attention span.

I will be posting my first review today to kick things off, and what better way to start this site than with one of the first Audio Dramas to truly pull me into this vast and amazing form of media.,,,,oh, you thought I would say which right away? Uhmm, right......well....BYE!

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